• with SepiaTS
    Local BrowserAll websites called from your application, can be opened on the local installed
    default Webbrowser on your client
    Local EmailclientMails which generated from your hosted application, will be opened on the local
    Emailclient from the endcustomer (incl. Attachments)
    Local PrinterdriverEvery printjob will be printed on the local machine from the endcustomer, without
    any printerdriver installation on the Terminalserver
    • Every local printer on the local Client can be reached
    File ManagementFiles like CSV-Exports, Officefiles, PDF´s can be saved on the Terminalserver and in
    the Customernetwork.
    The files will be automated transmitted to the local Client and gives you the ability
    to edit them with your local applications
    Simple Server
    Only your own application must be administrated, because all other applications
    are on the local client
    Own Licenses onlyOnly your own applicationlicenses are necessary, because all licensed applications
    from the local client will be used
  • without SepiaTS
    Browser TroublesAll necessary plugins for websites must be installed on the Server
    All browsers which are needed for the endconsumer must be installed
    on the Terminalserver
    Email TroublesMailboxes must be configured on the server, or synonymadresses must
    be used as senderadress to forward the mails to the endcustomer
    Printer DriversNot every printerdriver is designed to be installed on a Terminalserver
    Not every print from a RDP-session delivers WYSIWYG
    File ManagementFiles like CSV-exports, Officefiles, PDF’s,…. Must be saved on the
    AdministrationNot only your own application also 3rd party Applications, must be
    administrated (e.g. Office, PDF-Viewers,…)
    3rd Party LicensesAll 3rd party tools must be installed as expensive Terminalserver


SepiaTS is divided into a server part, a client part and a program called Starter_helper

Serverinstance: The serverinstance is running as a webservice on https. This Instance is necessary to accept and build connections between the Terminalserver and the Client, which are initiated from the Clientsoftware of SepiaTS. It´s possible to run more than one instance of SepiaTS on one server, to balance the access from different usergroups.  So several serverinstances must run in different webapplication folders.The serverinstance also makes a validation check against a Licenseserver.

Clientsoftware: The Clientsoftware will be configured during the installationdialog. Every connection is secured per SSL, therefore it´s possible to use official certificates and selfsigned certificates on the client as well.

SepiaTS_Starter:  Every command, which is initiated on the terminalserver, can be redirected to the local client. Therefor it´s only necessary to customize the callprocedure to use the Starterprogram. Regardless of CMD-Shell, Powershell or any other Scriptinglanguage every command can be transferred and executed on the client.

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