Sepia-TS Changelog

Additional Tool: SepiaTS Printerdriver

  • Multiple installable printerdriver on Terminalserver.
  • Sepia Commands are customizable for each printer.
  • No need to change the hosted application for printing.
  • It´s also possible to implement all other SepiaTS features in the printerdriver. (e.g. mail to, open, execute and so on)

This features are new in Version 2.0

  • Changed from designated Port to SSL / 443
  • Ability to work on Proxy´s and restricted Networks.
  • Uses the same certificate for encryption as the server.
  • Systemrequirement: IIS installed

This features are new in Version 1.0

  • Mailfunction for sending Attachments in Outlookversion 2007 and above
  • Sending with priority
  • Sending with delay  Bodytextformats supported (RTF, Text, HTML)
  • Sending to: To, CC, BCC
  • Sending with up to 5 Attachments level2

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