Kollarits Aluminium & Edelstahl

The CRM-System from Aluzäune-Kollarits will be more efficent with SepiaTS for the external access on the Terminalserver.
It´s not necessary anymore to install 3rd party applications on the Terminal Server. All programmcalls will be redirected to the local client and will be processed with the defaultapplications from the client. So it´s possible to make offers on the CRM and create a new mail with the offer as attachment in the local mailclient. All the parameters from the local mailclient can be used and can be prefilled like e.g. To, CC, BCC, Subject, Bodytext and son on. Also the connection to the printer is much more easier than with the RDPClient feature,  because it´s not necessary to have the printers installed in the background. SepiaTS transfers the file which has to be printed to the local client and uses then the local print function (e.g. open the local print dialog, print to the default printer or print on a named printer).

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